500,000 Npower Beneficiaries won't Join PDP now

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500,000 Npower Beneficiaries won't Join PDP now


As the Federal Ministry Of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management And Social Development announced the final date of disengagement of 500,000 Npower beneficiaries in Nigeria .

The teamed Npower volunteers across the 36 states has expressed their deepest pain on social media platform over the exist plan designed by Sadiya Faruk that will throw some of them to labour market and transit few to Government Entrepreneurship programme.

Despite of this hundreds thousands of them has left their private sector job ,joined  Npower programme all for national development in Agricultural  field ,Educational sector , Health and tax . But the will returned to labour market .

As the tensions of exist plan of Npower transition that will transits some of the teamed 500,000 Npower volunteers to Federal entrepreneurship scheme arises . The Npower Discussions groups of Batch A and B has against the plan made by Sadiya Umar Faruk and some of the volunteers are on the opinion that if they were disengage they may dump APC to Join People Democratic Party (PDP) .

 As a result of this ,we have received more massages from the Npower beneficiaries which clear that 500,000 Npower volunteers will not dump APC now as there are so many hope coming from the president,Muhammadu Buhari  concerning their feature in the Ministry Of Humanitarian Affairs ,Disaster Management And Social Development.

The 500,000 Npower volunteers of Batch A and B are concerned with current situations of exist plan . And they will never be regret for what they have done to this current administration during reelection campaign in 2019. They believed that the Federal government of Nigeria has promised to them that in 2019. None of the beneficiaries will go back to streets for looking another job .

So, people should disregard all reports of decamping to PDP as for now the beneficiaries will await Minister Sadiya Umar Faruk to explain how Government Entrepreneurship scheme will happen to 500,000 Npower volunteers.

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