Africa Covid-19 update: 09:00 WAT (10:00 CEST) on Saturday 1 August

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According to the latest figures published by Johns

Hopkins University, 17,600,740 cases have been

detected worldwide, with 679,600 deaths and

10,330,598 people recovered.

South Africa: 493,183 cases / 8,005 deaths

Egypt: 94,078 cases / 4,805

Nigeria: 43,151 cases / 879 deaths

Africa is nearing 1 million Covid-19 cases, with South

Africa accounting for aroud half of the current

figure. In just over three weeks, the number of

confirmed cases on the continent almost doubled.

Five countries account for about 75% of the

cumulative Covid-19 cases – Algeria, Egypt, Ghana,

Nigeria and South Africa.

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