Appeal Court sacks kwara assembly member, orders return of salaries.

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Appeal Court sacks kwara assembly member, orders return of salaries.

The Court of Appeal, Ilorin divison, on Wednesday ordered the immediate swearing-in of Raheem Agboola, the people's democratic party candidate for the Ilorin south state constituency In the 2019 general election, in the kwara state House of assembly election.

The appellate court dismissed the motion filed by the candidate of the All progressive Congress in the election, Azeez Elewu, and declared that the All progressive Congress has no candidate for the election.

The Appeal Court last year, had earlier declared Agboola as the winner of the Ilorin South consistency of the state, and ordered that The Independent Nation Electoral commission to issue a return certificate to the PDP candidate.

But the speaker of the kwara state House of assembly, refused to swear in Agboola Who is the only member of the opposition party in the APC dominated assembly, as he insist that Elewu, the substituted candidate of the APC in the House of assembly election was not joined in case that challenged the election result at the election petitions tribunal.

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