April 11, 2020 Payout Record of ₦716,000.00 processed to NewsPayForum Income Bundle Members

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April 11, 2020 Payout Record of ₦716,000.00 processed to NewsPayForum Income Bundle Members

Full Details of Payout Record of ₦716,000.00 processed to NewsPayForum Income Members can be found and downloaded here ===>> https://my.newspayforum.com/g71

Our maiden batch of Referral Earning Payment processed and paid out in just 1 week. These Payouts heralds our beginning to start commencing weekly payments of REFERRAL Earnings. We would soon change ACTIVITY EARNINGS to also be every 2 weeks payment. We would keep introducing awesome features to the NewsPayForum Income platform for the profitability and continuous stream of payouts to  our members.

We want to strongly affirm to you, that you have not seen anything yet in our endless stream of making money legitimately online with NewsPayForum Income as we want you to get used to getting paid that it becomes the 'new normal'.

PAYOUTS was processed before 5pm yesterday, APRIL 11, 2020.

ACTIVITY EARNINGS WITHDRAWAL would continue to be paid MONTHLY pending when we update it to every 2 weeks payments very soon.

NewsPayForum is here to stay. We place high value on your earnings. They're so much important to us and we want to strongly assure you that NewsPayForum remains, committed, fastest platform to process your earnings to your Naija Bank Account in few mins.

April 11, 2020 Payout Record of ₦716,000.00 processed to NewsPayForum Income Bundle Members

Massive Payouts done to our most incredible NewsPayForum Members. Every Member was paid to their Respective BANK Accounts.

A total of ₦716,000.00 was successfully processed to NewsPayForum Members Bank accounts and we want to congratulate every member who got paid yesterday. Its not and never time to relent. Its time to do more. Do the extraordinary to keep cashing out - Please check the proofs here by downloading it.

A total of ₦716,000.00 was paid to NewsPayForum Members. This is what we keep preaching. Infact we observe that 100% of Members paid were members who had decided to take the bull by the horn by getting paid with Referrals this time. It is not how hard you work, It is how SMART You work to earn with NewsPayForum and continually keep getting the bucks to your BANK Account.

For doubters, we have included the BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER of Members that's been paid  for each and every Member that was paid, so its easier for you to go there, verify it and confirm with them about their payment online. NewsPayForum is here to stay and would continually pay our members.

This is remarkable. To get eligible for payout is substantially very easy as you don't have to stress yourself ever again. Simply make sure your Facebook Profile Link is correctly saved to your account and make sure you are participating in the VIRAL POST Shared daily. We pay Members without Referrals TURN BY TURN

The VIRAL SHARE POST is highly compulsory. Infact it is so compulsory that when you do not partake in it, it shows you do not have an active profile in the system. There is no point at all paying such member and its an act we cannot condone. The VIRAL POST for you to claim eligibility to earn is very simple to participate.

Simply login to your NewsPayForum account,

click on VIRAL SHARE.

Follow the instruction on the VIRAL SHARE Post

You would be automatically prompted to Share to Facebook. Now is the time to join NewsPayForum Income Bundle - its what works. If you are not here, you are no where. Our payment cycle is every 2 weeks. We just completed a cycle of payouts to our Members. All you need to do is to get started with only ₦1,700.

Come and join us and stop thinking otherwise. NewsPayForum is going to be your one-stop place for you to earn massively by enjoying the things you do daily. Read. Comment. Share. Make Videos and Get Paid. You are going to never forget your experience with our platform - We're a brand - Its called NewsPayForum.

If you are not yet a Member of NewsPayForum, kindly contact the person who shared this post to you and get a his or her NewsPayForum Referral Link to register as soon as possible.

Wise up o. Make you join watin dey work. Na #NewsPayForum.

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