Arik Writes Minister over Threats by Union to Disrupt Its Operation

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Nigerian major carrier, Arik Air, has written a letter of appeal to the Minister of Labour and Employment, urging him to interface with the aviation unions that threatened to disrupt the airline’s operations over workers’ welfare and non-payment of allowances.

Arik Air in the letter sought the understanding and cooperation of the unions; while explaining some key issues in the disagreement.

The airline also observed that the issues in the dispute cannot pass the test of fairness, and alleged that the unions’ leadership has abused their position without exhausting various channels of engagement, discussion, and consensus.

The letter, which was made available to THISDAY, was titled: ‘Re-Unions in Arik Air Threaten to Down Tools September 14’, dated September 11, 2020, was written by the Chief Executive Officer, Arik Air in Receivership, Captain Roy Ilegbodu, and directed to the Minister of Labour and Employment as well as copied the Minister of Aviation and the Director-General of NCAA.

The letter in part strongly condemned the planned action, stating: “We strongly believe that the threat of strike without an exhaustive use of the various channels of engagement, discussion, consensus and understanding is faulty and unlikely to yield the best outcomes for staff, the company and its faithful passengers.

“It is in fact an abuse of the position of union leadership, as the issues in dispute cannot pass the test of fairness, and only affect, in the short term, less than 20 staff members out of a work force of over 1,600.

It went further to explain that prior to Arik Air going into Receivership, employment letters basically detailed the approved emoluments of staffm however, since the commencement of the receivership, this has been expanded by the introduction of policies to create best practice work environments to deliver top notch services.

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