Closure of hotels threatening our business – Poultry farmers Cries Out

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Closure of hotels threatening our business – Poultry farmers Cries Out

Farmers in the poultry and fishing industries regret the continued closure of hotels, bars and other entertainment venues where their products are sold. They say the situation threatens their businesses.

 They also called on the federal government to relaunch the growth enhancement support program, an agricultural program that provided inputs to farmers at the basic level at a subsidized rate of 50 percent. The scheme was introduced by former President Goodluck Jonathan.

 They told our correspondent that unless something is done urgently about the food situation, hunger could be on the horizon.

 Farmers said they expected hotels and other hospitality activities to reopen after about two weeks of lifting the blockade in the states of the federal capital, Lagos and Ogun, which would result in the gradual opening of certain industries.

 President of the Nigerian Association of Integrated Farmers, Aduragbemi Akinlami, noted that the current anchor supplier program was not as effective as the growth improvement support program, which had a vision overall agriculture up to basic level.

He said that the GHG system had been introduced in the 36 states of the country and concerned all categories of farmers in sectors such as agriculture and livestock, fishing, pig farming and poultry.

 This is the only time farmers operating in all of these sectors have received aid from the government, said Akinlami, as he received 50% of all inputs, such as fertilizers, poultry feed and fry given to farmers. .

 He said: "Currently, many farmers are concerned that their agricultural production is getting worse because hotels, bars and other hospitality activities have stopped functioning since the coronavirus epidemic.

 “Some of them have suffered losses. We only hope that with the gradual reduction of the blockade, which had enabled part of the industries to open their businesses, it will soon reach hotels (and others). We sell most of our products to hotels and bars.

 "This is the moment when the government must pay critical attention to the agricultural sector, if indeed the country seriously wants to diversify from oil to agriculture."

He also said: "The Anchor Borrowers program is not as effective as the Ministry of Agriculture's growth enhancement support program led by former President Goodluck Jonathan. The GES program has reached farmers via value chains, even locally.

 "The results of such a program could be measured by the abundance of food and protein ingrained in the economy. Although the Anchor Borrowers program has certain advantages, as some of my friends have benefited, it is not as results-oriented and measurable as the GHG system. The government needs to revive it through the Ministry of Agriculture, which oversaw it at the time. "

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