COVID-19: Africa CDC records 48% recovery rate as cases hit 372,812

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COVID-19: Africa CDC records 48% recovery rate as cases hit 372,812

Data made available by the Africa Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC) has shown that 48 percent of persons infected with COVID-19 in the region have recovered.

This is higher than the 45 percent recovery rate recorded on June 16.

A total of 372,812 cases have been confirmed in 54 African countries and 179,208 patients were reported to have recovered; representing 48 percent recovery rate.

Of the total confirmed cases, 9,511 infected persons were reported to have died from the disease as of June 28, 2020.

This accounts for 2.55 percent of the total confirmed cases.

According to the Africa CDC, 54 of the 55 African Union member countries have reported cases of COVD-19.

Seven countries had cases higher than 10,000; eight countries had reported between 5,000 and 10,000 and 39 countries were said to have reported less than 5,000 cases.

Southern Africa had the highest number of confirmed cases at 137,065 with 2,477 deaths and 69,461 recoveries. Of this figure, South Africa accounted for 131,800 cases, 2,413 deaths and 67,094 recoveries.

Northern Africa reported the worst fatality with 4,007 deaths out 94,497 confirmed cases and 37,462 recoveries.

Western Africa, where Nigeria falls into, was reported to have confirmed 72,438 cases, 1,262 deaths and 39,584 recoveries. Nigeria had reported the most cases at 24,077 with 558 deaths and 8,625 recoveries.

Eastern Africa was reported as the region with the second-lowest cases with 35,761 confirmed cases, 1,049 death and 16,490 recoveries.

Central Africa reported the lowest incidence of COVID-19 with 33,051 cases; 716 deaths; 16,211 recoveries.

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