Covid-19: Over 40 LUTH workers infected with COVID-19, says CMAC

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By Chioma Obinna

Contrary to reports that nine doctors were infected with COVID-19 at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, LUTH, Chairman, Medical Advisory Committee, CMAC, Professor Wasiu Adeyemo, has disclosed that over 40 staff members of the hospital have been infected with the virus in the last three months.

In a chat with Vanguard, the CMAC boss also denied reports that LUTH receives 500 patients daily.

Adeyomo said: “More than 90 percent of them are community-acquired infection because the healthcare workers also live in the community. When they close from work, they go home. I can assure you that more than 90 percent of those infected have nothing to do with patient care.

“Many of them live in the communities, but we don’t want any of our staff to be treated elsewhere. We give them the preference: once they are infected, we bring them to the hospital and treat them.

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“About 100 of our staff are directly taking care of COVID-19 patients from our Accident and Emergency, where you have the triage to the holding area and to the Block B, where you have the isolation centre, none have been infected because they have enough training and knowledge to protect themselves.”

Denying reports that LUTH receives 500 patients daily, he queried: “How can LUTH receive about 500 patients a day? The total number of patients that we have is not up to 500 people. How will 500 people come every day? Where are they coming from? What is the capacity of our accident and emergency?

“Our capacity is about 60. How will 500 people invade our hospital in a day? Do we have 500 COVID-19 patients in a day in Lagos? It is unfortunate the way we are. We have not lost any of our staff to COVID-19, many of them have recovered.”

On rejection of COVID-19 patients, Adeyemo said: “We do not reject COVID-19 patients. We know our capacity. If by the time the patient arrives we don’t have the capacity, we will refer to the Infectious Disease Hospital, IDH, at Yaba or other isolation centres. We have only one response team in Lagos and if you don’t have space, you refer.

”How can we reject patients when now our capacity is a beat low, the admission rate is lowest in two weeks now? Before it used to be 90 and 95, now we have about 56 and we have space, how can we reject patients? What will happen to those spaces?

“There is a big problem now because many people are no longer coming to the hospitals. We are seeing more severe cases because many people are not coming to the hospitals for treatment. They only wait until they see all the symptoms.

“There is still denial about the disease. Staying at home is more dangerous. We have seen one individual infecting about 12 members of his family.

“For us at LUTH, we were over-stressed in the last five four weeks because we admitted over 90 people.

“There is no way you will have 500 people coming to LUTH. Are you going to use a truck to carry them to LUTH?”

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