Dubai prince pays over N42m hospital bill for Nigerian mother stranded with quadruplets

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Dubai prince pays over N42m hospital bill for Nigerian mother stranded with quadruplets.

Dubai's Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum agrees to pay for the hospital expenses of a Nigerian woman who recently had quadruplets

- The woman, Suliyat Adulkareem, gave birth to the babies at the Latifa Hospital for Women and Children on July 1, 2020

- The mother and the set of new children were stranded in the country with mounting medical bills after she underwent cesarian section

- The Crown Prince stepped in to pay the bills after he came across a report highlighting the family's story

It has remained unbelievable to the parents of preterm quadruplets receiving special care at Latifa Hospital in Dubai as they got a lifeline from the Crown Prince of the city.

The crown prince pledged to cover their accumulated medical bill.

Tijani Abdulkareem and his wife Suliyat were facing huge costs of more than AED 400,000 (over N42,273,890.44) after she gave birth to quadruplets on July 1, 2020.

CNN reports that the bill accumulated following a cesarian section, but the 29-year-old mother had no health insurance after her hospital cleaning contract ended.

The man and his wife, who expressed their gratitude in a statement, could not hide their joy after Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed promised to cover their bill.

The couple expressed their "gratitude on behalf of the family to the UAE leaders, Sheikh Hamdan and the Latifa Women and Children's Hospital,"they said in appreciation of the gesture.

The couple had planned to return to Oyo, a state in Nigeria, to take care of their new children but they were hit by grounded flights due to coronavirus.

The report said Abdulkareem continued to work as a chef at a restaurant in Al Quoz, but his basic insurance did not cover the care of any of his dependents.

As a result of this, the Nigerian community and other UAE residents rallied to support them by donating to the hospital, but substantial costs still remained.

As soon as the baby can travel, the couple will return to Nigeria, but they have decided to show their appreciation by naming the babies in honour of those who offered a helping hand.

One of the children, a boy, is now to be called Hamdan Alexi Tijani while one of his sisters will be known and addressed as Latifah Marichell Tijani in honour of the late mother of the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid.

Another son has been named Mohammed Pride Tijani in honour of Sheikh Mohammed.

They further hope to peronally thank the prince if they are given a chance.

Muna Tahlak, chief executive of Latifa Women and Children's Hospital, praised Sheikh Hamdan's kind gesture while noting the four babies were doing well and did not have complications.

Legit.ng had also reported how a woman who was kept anonymous possibly for security reasons revealed that doctors at the Ridge Hospital left a huge towel inside her tummy after she had a C-Sectionat the regional hospital.

The mother who recounted the incident to Captain Smart on Accra-based Angel FM, the towel was left inside her for nine months until it was discovered and removed at a different hospital.

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