Fani-Kayode Never Assaulted, s3xually Harassed Any Domestic Staff — Nurse

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ex-wife paid accusers to tarnish his image

Reactions have continued to trail a media report credited to an ex-nanny, Anthonia Uchenna, a domestic staff to Chief Femi Fani-Kayode over allegations of assaults, and s3xual harassment of his domestic staff.

Uchenna had made unfounded accusations that the former minister has stripped his former chef naked over theft and arrest some others suspected of stealing in his house.

But in a swift reaction, a nurse attached to the home of the ex-Aviation minister debunked the claims saying they were all lies from the pit of hell by those who have been paid by the estranged wife of the ex-minister to tarnish his reputation.

Favour, who also is a pastor, said there was never a time the ex-minister assaulted anyone.

She said the lady in the viral video was sacked in 2019 for allegedly stealing.

Favour Anthony made this known in a statement obtained by vanguard on Thursday.

She said the video in which the lady made the comment is full of falsehood and fabrications, saying the person behind it is his estranged wife.

"My name is Pastor Favour Anthony, I am the Head nurse of chief fani-kayode, I have been working with him and the children for four years, it has been brought to my attention that one Anthonia who was sacked in 2019 for stealing, has gone to the press and made a video in which she has told many lies against chief Fani-Kayode.

She has also made a video which is full of falsehood and fabrications, she also swore to a fake affidavit making these allegations, this matter is now under criminal investigation and Antonia was procured and paid to tell these lies together with 5 other former staff members just to tarnish chief Fani-Kayode name.

The person behind it is precious Chikwendu my former madam who has approached many other staff members including those that are still working here to come and lie against chief Fani-Kayode, she even offered them money to do so.

Anthony herself has confirmed to me that she collected money to lie on this man and she urged to do the same, the whole idea is to smear him before the world, so that the ex-wife will get sympathy and be able to take the children away.

In all my four years of working in chief Fani-Kayode House, none of the staff was s3xually molested including antonia and no staff was ever stripped naked, this is a ridiculous claim and it never happened.

I am the Head nurse and the first person anyone would have reported such things to is me, it never happened.

The allegations of s3xual harassment her also false because everybody know how disciplined chief Fani-Kayode is around those that take care of his children.

Antonia is a liar and desperate for money and precious is using her, she claimed she was been owed salary this is not true, because she has signed for every salary that was her due and we have evidence of it, am the one incharge of it so I know, the staff are paid very well and they are paid on time, and chief Fani-Kayode never owes salary.

It is rather precious Chikwendu my former madam who steals the salary of staffs, deducts from their money and subject them to physical and mental abuse and torture.

I am surprised, that anybody or newspaper will publish this kind of thing, there are over 55 people working in chief Fani-Kayode House and there all ready to tell the truth and how precious Chikwendu was not just to the staff but also to the children and how she often beat them all.

There are also many people who have worked here before who will tell you the truth.

I was there when my former madam pulled a Knife on the staffs and the children, including aunty Joy, it was a terrible day the woman is mad.

Had it not been for the intervention of the police she would have killed us that day.

The worst thing anyone can do to anybody is to accuse someone falsely in return for money. This is what antonia and the other accusers have done, luckily for him there are many staff and ex-staff that know the truth and that he his not a s3xual predator, never beats his wife or staff but those that say otherwise are been paid to do so.

Am a married woman and a pastor, my husband is also a pastor and we have our own church, I have not lied and do not need to lie.

For four years up until today no less than 15 nannies and nurses work under me and not one of them have ever complained about chief Fani-Kayode rather it has always been the violent ways and mad tantrums of precious Chikwendu and all of us have agreed that she is a danger to everybody around her.

I was there the day they caught her in bed with another man, and when she came back home I witness the violence she displayed towards everybody, she called me on several occasions and threatened my life.

So antonia said she was s3xually harassed something has huge as that yet she never complained to me as her boss and she never went to the police even after she was sacked since 2019, and she's saying it now definitely there is a motive behind it."


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