Gistlover Accuses Adekunle Gold Of Cheating On His Wife, Simi (Pics)

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Gistlover accused Ag Baby Adekunle Gold of cheating on his wife, Simi.

Stay away from AG baby, Simi doesn’t joke with Kunle, and we Instagram in-laws too won’t take it lightly with you, while simi Carry belle, oga Dey knack you for set and you know he is married, avoid Ag baby before I enter your matter as Mummmmyyy Dey enter people matter, and you Ag baby, FACE FRONT, Baba Jare be warned don’t give my baby girl breakfast chop, I come in peace, i intentionally put Aunty with the promo puna handle there, make them burn her page small, igi ewedu oni wo pawa o


Twitter is dragging Adekunle Gold for allegedly cheating on simi while she was pregnant!!! Still unverified though.

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