Got Paid By NewsPayForum Income? Post your NewsPayForum Payment Alert to WhatsApp Status and Facebook Group - 100% COMPULSORY

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Got Paid By NewsPayForum Income? Post your NewsPayForum Payment Alert to WhatsApp Status and Facebook Group - 100% COMPULSORY

Reason why we keep repeating this exercise over and over again is basically because, 90% of our paid members do not really appreciate the grandeur of being paid effortlessly to their BANK Accounts. Reason why we clamour for this exercise is not only to be 'heard' but to make sure our Members follows instruction on getting sustainable Referrals even much easy.

'The money do the talking'.

In this COVID 19 Lockdown, most people experience debits like never before than they've ever had. This is as a result of the SHUT DOWN of total economy by the governments. Now that you've shown them a relief of payments from NewsPayForum, what better alternative they'd behold on.

To Every NewsPayForum - This is a sensitization. Its an online exercise by NewsPayForum which you and I need to possess, to make sure we continually earn.

Show at least 20 persons you know or even if you don't know them about NewsPayForum Bank Alert payment that was paid to you.

Introduce NewsPayForum to them, show them the Bank Alert Payment you received from NewsPayForum over the weekend. Talk about NewsPayForum on how it has come to stay for everyone to keep earning using the platform especially in this era of COVID 19 LOCKDOWN.

Show them how amazing NewsPayForum is and showing them Past Bank Alerts NewsPayForum has paid, show them the present Bank Alerts Payments NewsPayForum has paid. Do this to at least 20 persons. Yes, a minimum of 20 persons is a must you must show your Bank Alerts.


In the Spirit of showing 20 persons your Bank Alerts, dont forget to POST YOUR BANK ALERT PAYMENTS to your  WhatsApp Group, WhatsApp Status, NewsPayForum Facebook Page, Post it on Facebook Comment section, NewsPayForum Facebook Reviews, Send it to a minimum of 20 of their Friends, Post it on your Facebook Profile and lastly send NewsPayForum on Whatsapp to +2347067901308 your Payment Proofs.

This is a final rule.

How to POST Your NewsPayForum BANK Payment Alert In NewsPayForum Facebook Group

  1. Join NewsPayForum Official Facebook Group Here ==>> https://www.facebook.com/groups/1626649774123528/ 

  2.  UPLOAD and POST your NewsPayForum BANK Payment Alert in the group.

  3. Click on POST and you can post ALERTS of your friends/Referrals as well.

  4. Wait for few minutes for your POSTS to be approved in the group.

  5. After Approval, NewsPayForum would mark you for proprietary  rapid and fast payments

How to POST Your NewsPayForum BANK Payment Alert In Your WhatsApp Status

  1. Open your WhatsApp Application on your phone.

  2. Post your NewsPayForum Alerts of that of your Referrals or others on as upload to your WhatsApp status.

  3. Post your NewsPayForum Referral Link in another Status for your viewers to join NewsPayForum through you.

  4. Post another alert - this time, it could be from other NewsPayForum Members.

  5. Post your NewsPayForum Referral Link in another Status for your viewers to join NewsPayForum through you.

  6. Post multiple alerts to your WhatsApp Status - this time, let your viewers know that its not your payment but that of other Referrals.

  7. Show with beautiful emojis how excellent NewsPayForum is

Got Paid by NewsPayForum? Received your Bank Alert Payment from NewsPayForum?

Make sure you do the following:


  • Make sure you send us your Alerts payments to NewsPayForum on Whatsapp to +2347067901308.

  • Post your ALERT to Official NewsPayForum Facebook Group

  • Post your Alerts payments also to your Whatsapp group which you have created for NewsPayFoum.

  • Post your Alerts to Other Whatsapp, Facebook groups you have joined.

  • Post your Alerts to your Whatsapp, Facebook status and stories.

  • Post your Alerts to Facebook groups and as many Facebook Groups as you can.

  • Post your Alerts on our Facebook page as a review and as well, post and rate us 5 stars.

  • Post your Alerts on your Facebook Profile and share it..

  • Post it as Testimony on our platform and earn ₦5

If you do not post your Alerts proofs, send to us or Post it to your Whatsapp groups, we would posibly and most definitely delay your payouts for 4 weeks or more on next subsequent payments. You can't be benefiting from this amazing platform and don't talk about it.

Yes, you might wonder why we would do this, with the many scams online, we've chosen this pathway to stay true ad honour your payout.

Won't you appreciate us for honouring this request for fast payout? That's just a token of love you can show to us.?


We ❤️️ you as you POST your Payment ALERT proofs of NewsPayForum.

Got Paid By NewsPayForum Income? Post your NewsPayForum Payment Alert to WhatsApp Status and Facebook Group - 100% COMPULSORY.

Join NewsPayForum Account and Upgrade your Account with ₦1,700 to Start Cashing Out.


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Here is what you get when you join NewsPayForum.

You earn 70%  Affiliate Earning when you refer your friend and family to NewsPayForum.

To join NewsPayForum, all you have to do is a Membership to our Premium Plan which is Lifetime for a fee of ₦1,700. In addition to your joining, we would share revenue with you monthly and also add more incentives on weekly basis as you come onboard with us.

You earn 15% Commission as a NewsPayForum Smart Distributor.

This is a mind blowing opportunity that you'd forever be grateful of.

To join NewsPayForum or join NewsPayForum Smart Earners, simply Chat with us  on WhatsApp  to show your interest to. You would be instantly attended to swiftly.

You'd definitely be proud to be among the NewsPayForum Project - NewsPayForum Income Bundle.

Stop thinking otherwise. If you are already a Member of NewsPayForum, kindly share this and tag at least 3 of your friends or prospect to see this.

If you are not yet a Member of NewsPayForum, kindly contact the person who shared this post to you and get a his or her NewsPayForum Referral Link to register as soon as possible.

Wise up o. Make you join watin dey work. Na #NewsPayForum. #MyAlertIsSureWithNewsPayForum


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