How To Earn Daily with NewsPayForum VIRAL SHARE & Get You Qualified For Payout without Issue.

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How To Earn Daily with NewsPayForum VIRAL SHARE & Get You Qualified For Payout without Issue.

Today we are going to explain in core detail how not to have Withdrawal decline or have any form of Withdrawal issue when trying to cash out from NewsPayForum.

This is quite simple as little mistakes like this can totally make your Withdrawal to be canceled.

As we get ready to pay our very first Batch of NewsPayForum Members, we strive to ant to include this detailed steps to make it simple for you to understand.

1. Update your NewsPayForum Account with your Facebook Profile Links: This is the very first step that you need to take charge with by Updating your account Facebook links to your NewsPayForum account.

You need need to get your Facebook Link by heading out to your profile to copy it.

WhatsApp Image 2020-01-01 at 6.38.29 PM(1).jpeg

Click on the More Menu Options sign by the right side of your App to get a list of options for your Facebook Profile.

WhatsApp Image 2020-01-01 at 6.38.29 PM.jpeg

Click on COPY Link to Profile. The link is directly to your Facebook profile.

Login to your NewsPayForum account and go to SETTINGS.

Paste the Link copied from your Facebook Profile to your Account here.

You will receive a message that your SOCIAL LINKS has been updated.

2. VIRAL SHARE Sponsor Post: Now is the time to Viral Share our Sponsor Post for the day. The is the most important aspect to do. This will qualified you to get paid by NewsPayForum. You MUST participate in this step otherwise, your Withdrawal would be declined.

Login to your NewsPayForum account and click on VIRAL SHARE

You will observe that the VIRAL SHARE Sponsor Post has been posted. All you need to do is to click on the VIRAL SHARE POST.

On the Viral SHARE POST (Sponsor Post) Look for the Click Here Now to SharViral Share the Post to your Facebook Timeline.

Note that the VIRAL SHARE is very compulsory. During Payout, we would come to your Facebook Timeline to confirm the VIRAL Shared Post.

Screenshot - 1_4_2020 , 3_57_32 PM.png

Now that you are now on Facebook, click on SHARE (Public) - Make sure the POST is in Public so as it can be seen by us.

Note that your VIRAL SHARE POST must be up to date to also get to qualify you for payout.

Screenshot - 1_1_2020 , 7_12_17 PM.png

3. COMMENT ON VIRAL SHARE POST To Earn: Now that you have successfully VIRAL SHARED our Viral Share (Sponsor Post) to your Facebook Timeline, all you have to do right now is to come back to NewsPayForum.com Viral Share (Sponsor Post) post AND  COMMENT under the Viral Share (Sponsor Post) Post to earn N100 or N150.

This is the appropriate way to VIRAL SHARE Sponsor Post and it does not take anything from you.

3. PRIVACY SETTINGS: Make sure your POST Privacy settings is turned to PUBLIC. Do not set it to Friends only but set it to PUBLIC. So that any account that's not even your friend on Facebook would be able to see your Profile and confirm that you are SHARING our VIRAL SHARE Post.

4. CONSTRUCTIVE COMMENT: Make sure your comments is well composed. To think that your comment is not constructive enough is one of the main reason while your PAYOUT might be declined and not paid. So in addition, you would need to make sure you post well contructed comment that generally relates with the POST or you to earn.

That's all.

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