How To EASILY Get Referrals with NewsPayForum Income Past Payments of Over - ₦32,813,793.00 Massively - What To Do To JOIN Other Smart Earners CashOut NewsPay Referral Earning Come Every Week

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How To EASILY Get Referrals with NewsPayForum Income Past Payments of Over - ₦32,813,793.00 Massively - What To Do To JOIN Other Smart Earners CashOut NewsPay Referral Earning Come Every Week

There's this feeling we have observed among some Members.

They just feel they cannot make it.

Some just feel. NO, they can't do it.

Some even go as far as subjecting themselves to failure that it's not possible.

We laugh.

See. In life, never you subject yourself to failure thoughts of which you say, you cannot do what's beneficial and do the extraordinary.

The very day you tell yourself you can't, that's your biggest defeat.

Your tongue and what you proclaimed negatively, is what defeats you first.

Who said you cannot join others to Cash-Out their Referral Earning come every week?

Those who'll be cashing out by then do absolutely do not have 15 heads.

Nothing makes them special. The only thing that separates them from you is because they have said to themselves, THEY CAN DO IT.

Its no longer news that our esteemed NewsPayForum Income pays her members of their REFERRAL eARNING EVERY WEEK; while also, pays NARS EARNINGS (ACTIVITY EARNINGS) Every payment cycle which is decided and posted on the NEWSPAYFORUM NOTICE BOARD.

I would advise YOU on something.

Don't just be lurking away thinking you can't.

We would be highlighting the ways and what to do to make you cashout a good payment of Referral Earning come every weekend.

What To Do To JOIN Other Smart Earners CashOut NewsPay Referral Earning Come Every WEEKEND To Your BANK Account

  1. Create a NewsPayForum WhatsApp Group, if possible more than 1. Use NewsPayForum images as the Group Picture and name is NewsPayForum.

  2. Add as many Freinds and Family Members to your NewsPayForum WhatsApp Group.

  3. Post your WhatsApp Group Link to different Facebook Groups and ask them to join the group for free updates on Earning every weeks to their Bank Account.

  4. Post as many NewsPayForum Past Payouts Proofs. Go here to get them - Download the proofs from the past payouts proofs and always use it to update your NewsPayForum WhatsApp Groups.

  5. Update your friends about NewsPayForum and encourage them to join NewsPayForum Income - Post your REFERRAL LINKS and ask them to join NewsPayForum Income using your REFERRAL LINKS.

  6. Talk about NewsPayForum in your group very well and share your Referral links for them to join through you.

  7. Up to ₦50,000 easy earning through your NewsPayForum WhatsApp Group is achievable this weekened.

  8. Click Here to Use Past NewsPayForum members Payments proofs to advertise in your NewsPayForum WhatsApp Group

  9. Save your WhatsApp Group Link to your NewsPayForum Account > Dashboard > SETTINGS > WhatsApp Group Link > UPDATE

  10. Create a NewsPayForum WhatsApp Group as its compulsory for fast payout. If you have already created a NewsPayForum WhatsApp Group, you can use the the group and save the WhatsApp Group Link in SETTINGS in your account.


UPDATED NewsPayForum Past Payment Proofs for Promotion in Getting More Referrals


DOWNLOAD PROOF 1 ===>> https://www.facebook.com/officialnewspayforum/posts/115952623258054 








DOWNLOAD PROOF 8 ===>> https://www.facebook.com/officialnewspayforum/posts/171362297717086/ 

DOWNLOAD PROOF 9 ===>> https://www.facebook.com/officialnewspayforum/posts/169343741252275/ 

DOWNLOAD PROOF  10 ===>> https://www.facebook.com/officialnewspayforum/posts/168443741342275 

DOWNLOAD PROOF 11  ===>> https://www.facebook.com/officialnewspayforum/posts/167207498132566/ 

DOWNLOAD PROOF 12 ===>> https://www.facebook.com/officialnewspayforum/posts/165013455018637 

DOWNLOAD PROOF 13 ===>> https://www.facebook.com/officialnewspayforum/posts/162792835240699 

DOWNLOAD PROOF 14 ===>> https://www.facebook.com/officialnewspayforum/posts/161584792028170 

DOWNLOAD PROOF 15 ===>> https://www.facebook.com/officialnewspayforum/posts/160692078784108 

DOWNLOAD PROOF 16 ===>> https://www.facebook.com/officialnewspayforum/posts/158331895686793 

DOWNLOAD PROOF 17 ===>> https://www.facebook.com/officialnewspayforum/posts/156043275915655 

DOWNLOAD PROOF 18 ===>> https://www.facebook.com/officialnewspayforum/posts/153902799463036



  1. Create a WhatsApp Group/Telegram Group. Name is NewsPayForum Income, NewsPayForum  Earning, or whatever name that goes in line with the NewsPayForum brand – you are permitted.

  2. Join a whole lots of Facebook Groups. It's completely free.

  3. Get as many PAYOUT PROOFS, BANK ALERTS, BANK STATEMENTS of payments made to other NewsPayForum  Members from our Official Facebook Group, your Whatsapp groups, other Members Whatsapp groups, save them to your phone and use it to showcase to your potentials Referrals about the payments received from other NewsPayForum Members.

  4. Write and talk about NewsPayForum – Use NewsPayForum Banners, images as your Whatsapp Status and other platforms you can showcase the brand so your friends can ask you about NewsPayForum.

  5. Get awesome REAL and GENUINE testimonials from our awesome Members HERE!

  6. Get your WhatsApp/Telegram Group Invite link and share it to your Facebook Profile, Instagram Page, and Twitter Handle.

  7. Add your friends and relatives to the WhatsApp/ Telegram Group – Get writeups from the NewsPayForum Income page by pasting regularly and updating your friends about NewsPayForum in your group.

  8. Control the influx of spam postings in your group by turning on privacy control if necessary - make yourself the admin so as other participants would not spam your group.

  9. Get e-PINS to register your prospects for your interested friends and family from our Authorized e-PINS Distributors nationwide.

  10. Earn more and more money.

  11. Send your ALERTS and Payment proofs to get more Referrals to your Whatsapp Groups and Facebook Group.

  12. Create more WhatsApp Group and Telegram groups as many as you can manage to keep getting more Referrals for your earning.

  13. Talk about NewsPayForum Income a everywhere you go.

  14. Repeat the steps as above to continually earning, you're guaranteed of earning and cashing out ₦50,000 weekly using this method if you are serious, dedicated about this.


How To Register your PROSPECTS/ REFERRALS On The New Upgraded NEWSPAYFORUM INCOME Platform.

STEP 1: Buy EPIN CODE from our AUTHORISED SMART EPIN DISTRIBUTORS and any of them there, would send you your EPIN CODE instantly once they confirm your payment. You can buy as many EPINS from our SMART EPIN DISTRIBUTORS of

STEP 3: Go to the registration page instantly. Please make sure you are using your REFERRAL'S LINK if you are been referred or you wish to register your REFERRAL. Always take note of the REFERRAL LINK and make sure you are directly registering UNDER your REFERRAL. Make sure you that is registering your REFERRAL, your NewsPayForum Account username appears on the registration page.

STEP 4: Enter your DETAILS for your NEWSPAYFORUM INCOME Onboarding. Make sure you use your real details so its easier for you to cash out from our system during PAYOUT Verification.

STEP 5: ENTER YOUR PURCHASED EPIN. If you are UPGRADING and registering for the GOLD PACKAGE on NewsPayForum Income, then enter your GOLD PACKAGE EPIN on the EPIN PROVIDED space. If you are UPGRADING and registering for the PREMIUM PACKAGE on NewsPayForum Income, then enter your PREMIUM PACKAGE EPIN on the EPIN PROVIDED space, click on REGISTER ACCOUNT. Your account would be instantly registered and activated to the GOLD PACKAGE or PREMIUM PACKAGE  you have applied.

Now is the time to get onboard our profound platform. Now is the time to game up and join us with only that ₦1700 for the PREMIUM PACKAGE or with ₦3,000 for the GOLD PACKAGE - whatever seems to be your choice, it all boils to you that - you are guaranteed to earn on NewsPayForum.

Check Out the Reasons why you need to Get Started with NewsPayForum Income.

  1. You stand to Cash-Out to your Bank even without Referrals.

  2. You earn ₦1,100 or ₦2,100 Referral Bonus. Superb!

  3. You get paid in less than 24hours every WEEK for REFERRAL EARNINGS or every MONTH for ACTIVITY EARNINGS to that your Nigerian Bank Account.

  4. You Earn from our Facebook VIRAL SHARE Earnings Daily.

  5. Guaranteed payments to you. You Withdraw to your Bank.

  6. Over ₦50 Million Naira paid out since the inception of our brand. (NewsPay V1)

What are you waiting for? Quickly Make payments for your NewsPayForum Account UPGRADE for ₦1,700 or ₦3,000 and instantly start earning immediately. Don't waste any more time.

How To EASILY Get Referrals with NewsPayForum Income Past Payments of Over - ₦32,813,793.00 Massively - What To Do To JOIN Other Smart Earners CashOut NewsPay Referral Earning Come Every Week

Join NewsPayForum Account and Upgrade your Account with ₦1,700 or with ₦3,000 to Start Cashing Out.


Click Here to Join NewsPayForum Now and Start Cashing Out!

Here is what you get when you join NewsPayForum.

You earn 70%  Affiliate Earning when you refer your friend and family to NewsPayForum.

To join NewsPayForum, all you have to do is a Membership to our Premium Plan which is Lifetime for a fee of ₦1,700. In addition to your joining, we would share revenue with you monthly and also add more incentives on a weekly basis as you come on board with us.

You earn 15% Commission as a NewsPayForum Smart Distributor.

This is a mind-blowing opportunity that you'd forever be grateful for.

To join NewsPayForum or join NewsPayForum Smart Earners, simply Chat with us  on WhatsApp  to show your interest to. You would be instantly attended to swiftly.

You'd definitely be proud to be among the NewsPayForum Project - NewsPayForum Income Bundle.

Stop thinking otherwise. If you are already a Member of NewsPayForum, kindly share this and tag at least 3 of your friends or prospect to see this.

If you are not yet a Member of NewsPayForum, kindly contact the person who shared this post to you and get a his or her NewsPayForum Referral Link to register as soon as possible.

Wise up o. Make you join watin dey work. Na #NewsPayForum. #MyAlertIsSureWithNewsPayForum


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