I might have contracted COVID-19 in Kano – Alleged index case

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Ambassador Kabiru Rabi’u Dansitta, who was recently discharged from one of the several Isolation centres in Kano State, is the alleged COVID-19 index case in the state. In this interview, he talks about his experience at the isolation centre, among other issues.

Daily Trust: We have heard a lot of stories regarding your case and not anything from your end. Please, can you set the records right by telling us your story from the beginning till now?

Ambassador Kabiru Rabi’u Dansitta: I have heard horrifying stories associated to me as well, and as you have asked, I will set the records right. The news about my travails and the news that I intentionally mingled with innocent people when I knew I had contracted the virus were all misinformation and mischievously spread.

Moreover, the news that I recently travelled to America and that on my return I was tested positive in Abuja before coming back to Kano was erroneously reported because the last time I travelled to America was in September 2019, that was even before the discovery of COVID-19 in the world.

I was never in Kaduna as was reported because my recent trip was to Abuja, Lagos and Kano and I did all by plane. It was after 12 days in Kano that I observed I was having a fever which I sort for its treatment, and when the fever refused to go, coupled with the information I had on Coronavirus, I personally called the rapid response team and asked to be tested.

To be honest, don’t I deserve to be appreciated for my courage to get tested? And my singular action serves as wake-up call to the state government to tighten up arrangement against the virus. It was when the result came after four days that I was told I have the virus and I was taken to the isolation centre.

DT: How do you feel about the notion in some quarters that you brought COVID-19 to the state?

Dansitta: The news going round insinuating a lot of negative things about me are an outright falsehood. Though I am not a medical expert, but in my own naive assessment, I am sure there might have been traces of COVID-19 in Kano State before I tested positive.

I am 75 years old and at my age, I have no reason to harm the people I love – my own people of Kano State. Do I have any justification to harm anybody?

Moreover, it was wrong for anybody to say I brought the virus to Kano. As I said, I had spent twelve days in Kano and how sure are we that I might not have contacted the virus in Kano? I felt bad to read all sort of lies perpetrated against me. My reputation was tarnished, but l left everything to God, he will surely vindicate me.

As I speak to you, I have been discharged after being certified negative and no one was found positive among the contacts traced to me after I tested positive.

DT: Do you have any reservation with the way the news about your infection was broken to the public?

Dansitta: Yes, I have. Though I am not dragging any issue with anybody on this, but I felt I was treated differently compared to other situations across the nation and the world.

I couldn’t figure out why my case was so different that my identity had to be revealed with my full address when Nigeria’s index case’s identity wasn’t revealed. All we knew about him was that he is an Italian.

The irony was that my data was given out to the public by government officials and that was what triggered the agitations and the libel against me for no fault of mine. Why was I treated differently?

DT: Can you tell us your experience at the isolation centre?

Dansitta: I never fell sick for one day during the 29 days I spent at the isolation centre and you can confirm that from the doctors. My only fear was that I had a heart operation, which was the reason for my September American trip. I was afraid of having another crisis at the isolation centre.

The experience was so traumatizing, not because of lack of doctors at the facility or food but because of the castigation I was subjected to and the public’s feelings towards me.

I kept reading people’s reaction, especially on social media, coupled with the psychological instability as one keeps thinking between life and death. Moreover, I was all alone at the isolation centre for four days before the second case was brought in. But all praises be to God for seeing me through this trying period.

DT: How helpful has the state government been to your recovery?

Dansitta: I was taken good care of, and the management of the isolation centre made my stay at the centre a comfortable one.

They tried in providing all that I required and I was given a menu for the food to be served. I had the privilege of choosing what I wanted to eat, and I drank tea a lot during my stay.

I was given immunity boosting drugs such as Vitamin C and zinc. I also used some natural herbs like garlic.

However, it is very important to commend the front-line health workers for taking the risk of caring for COVID-19 patients.

DT: So, have you forgiven those that peddled fake news about you?

Dansitta: No, I am not going to join issues with anybody on this matter but that doesn’t mean I have forgiven them. They have soiled my good reputations.

Imaging people going to the extent of saying that I was shot by a policeman while trying to escape from an Abuja isolation centre after testing positive, and that I came to Kano to seek for treatment of gunshot wound. They even said I was busy visiting places to ensure that many people contract the virus. These are all false statements, and I can’t forgive these people for ruining my reputation.

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