I’ve not remarried, Mercy Aigbe still part of me –Lanre Gentry

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I’ve not remarried, Mercy Aigbe still part of me –Lanre Gentry

Some days ago , it was reported on some blogs that Lanre Gentry , the estranged husband of actress and businesswoman , Mercy Aigbe, had married another woman simply identified as @fab _ mrsgentry after he shared her picture on social media.

However, in an interview with

Saturday Beats, Gentry clarified that the woman in question was his brother ’ s wife and not his new lover as many had assumed . He said, “ Who said that I have a new wife ? A lot of people just make assumptions based on my Instagram posts . The lady that I referred to as my wife is my younger brother ’ s wife . She lives in London with her family . I called her my wife because she’s my brother ’ s wife . People didn’t read my post very well . I wouldn’ t tell my supposed wife to greet her family.

“ I don ’t know why some Nigerians are quick to jump to conclusions when they see innocent and harmless posts online . Mercy Aigbe knows the lady I celebrated very well . This is not the first time that people have speculated that I’ ve married another woman based on social media posts. It seems a lot of people are just obsessed with marriage for me . I’ m a Yoruba man and if I want to marry another wife , I would do that .”

Gentry also claimed that he still has a good relationship with Aigbe. He added , “ Me and Mercy are not fighting . If I want to see her, I would call her and if she needs anything, she also calls me . We have a good rapport . God has the final say over our relationship and He knows how it would turn out in the future. I take care of my children . I can ’t speak for other fathers but I carry out my responsibilities as a man. I still see Mercy as a part of me . It ’ s only a mentally unstable man that would leave a woman with children to go and fend for herself . I pay my children ’s school fees diligently and I thank God that their mother is also taking good care of them . It ’ s not easy for a woman to work and also take care of the children .”

The hotelier also stated that his hotel might be offered ( to the government ) as an isolation centre in the fight against the COVID -19 pandemic. “ My business has stopped for the past eight weeks . We are not doing anything. During the lockdown , I spent over N 5m . I gave palliatives to vulnerable people . I don ’t need to make a noise about what I ’ve done. I deliberately didn’ t post anything about it on social media but all the people in my house know that I gave out those things . Though my business is not functioning well , ( but) I’ m thankful for the gift of life . I am also thinking of giving the Lagos State Government my hotel to be used as an isolation centre. It ’s still a thought but my board of directors has started deliberating on it , ” he said .

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