Introducing, NewsPayForum RAFFLE DRAW - Up to ₦10m in Cash Prizes and Items To Be Won

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Introducing, NewsPayForum RAFFLE DRAW - Up to ₦10m in Cash Prizes and Items To Be Won

We want to usher you to the biggest event and biggest legitimate Income platform you'd forever appreciate and always be proud of.

Its the NewsPayForum RAFFLE DRAW.

See. You won't believe yourself yet. But NewsPayForum RAFFLE DRAW is going to be the ultimate. You have never seen anything yet. Wait till we begin. For those thinking and doubting about joining NewsPayForum, infact you're in for a long thing. We're going to be the biggest shock ever in your life. You have never seen anything yet.

We want to save our breadth yet because, we want to shock everyone with the prizes that'd be won every month. No too much stories. Yes, you see, every single month. We'll select the top best performing Member and reward them. We have selected those items because they'd be easy for us to ship to our Winners. All items that'd be won would be branded NewsPayForum and our logo.

You haven't seen anything yet. NewsPayForum RAFFLE DRAW would be the biggest online legitimate platform ever you'd ever step your foot to. Its going to be a shocker. If you like be nodding your head thinking this is Audio talk. JUST NEGODU. Wait and See.

NewsPayForum is geared toward Referral Earning only. So if you are there and you really know how to be the top best performing Referral for the month. You'd be called. We'll mention the spot you have if its 1st, 2nd or 3rd position.


WHAT IS NewsPayForum RAFFLE DRAW? It is a special Monthly event where NewsPayForum Administrators select the very 3 best Top Performing NewsPayForum Affiliate Members for the Month to reward them. We'll select you and reward you with Cash gifts, generator sets, washing machine, electric iron, plasma TV sets, Micro Wave oven. You'd be called on Phone of the item you won and your item would be shpped to any address of your location. NewsPayForum may also decide to reward you in Cash gifts and send payments to your Bank Accounts.

Your winnings is presented to you and selected at the end of each month. This means every Month end, there must be winner. We'll select only 3 winners. This is real and another reason to join NewsPayForum now if you have not done so. All winners would be celebrated in our VIRAL SHARE to all Members globally.



  1. You must be a GOLD Member with NewsPayForum.

  2. You must participate in NewsPayForum VIRAL SHARE daily.

  3. The first top 3 Winners will be selected at the end of every Month. Winners are selected based on the Number of Referrals they achieve starting from ₦50,000 and above. So we'll select only the first 3 Winners who gannered enough Referrals for the month and you'd be called about your winnings. Your cash gift or item you won will be sent to you.

  4. NewsPayForum will decide on sending you items you won or cash gifts based every Monthly draw.

  5. Winners would create a Video with their Winnings for NewsPayForum Promotional purpose.

  6. To apply in the Raffle draw, you'd need to send your application to [email protected] to get enlisted. Applications is free as all that's required from you is.

    1. Your NewsPayForum Account username (GOLD PLAN)

    2. Full names

    3. Phone Number

    4. NewsPayForum Facebook Profile Link

    5. NewsPayForum WhatsApp Group


    7. Delivery/ Shipping Address  - If we need to ship your items to your Address, we'll use this Address.

More details about NewsPayForum RAFFLE DRAW can be seen here

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