NARS => ₦AIRA Conversion Rate

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 NARS => ₦AIRA Conversion Rate

NARS (N) ===>> (₦) NAIRA

About NARS - NewsPayForum Ad Revenue Sharing

What Is  NARS => ₦AIRA  Conversion Rate

The ₦AIRA  Conversion Rate is simply the rate by which your NewsPayForum Ad Revenue Sharing ACTIVITY EARNINGS (NARS) is converted to real cash in ₦AIRA and sent to your BANK Account at the very end of the Month of your ACTIVITY EARNINGS. The rate changes Monthly by the ADMINS depending on our Google Ad Revenue for the Month. This means for instance, the NARS => ₦AIRA is now subjected by the actual amount received by Google Ad Revenue Monthly. This is then decided to use in paying you your NARS => ₦AIRA to your BANK Account.

NewsPayForum Ad Revenue Sharing buys your ACTIVITY EARNINGS Monthly In NARS currency which is only floated by NewsPayForum ACTIVITY EARNINGS in our NewsPayForum Earning ecosystem. NewsPayForum would buy your ACTIVITY EARNINGS Monthly and sell to you in NAIRA which is Paid to your Bank.

Where you can spend your NARS => NAIRA

  1. You can Cash-Out your (NewsPayForum Ad Revenue Sharing) NARS => ₦AIRA Conversion to your BANK Every Single Month

  2. You can BUY Airtime with your NewsPayForum Ad Revenue Sharing NARS => ₦AIRA Conversion to your Mobile Phone such as MTN, AIRTEL, GLO, 9MOBILE. Simply click on Buy Airtime from your Account Dashboard.

  3. You can Buy NewsPayForum PREMIUM EPIN of ₦1,700 with your NewsPayForum Ad Revenue Sharing NARS => ₦AIRA Conversion. The EPIN is generated automatically for you and displayed on your account dashboard.

  4. You can share your NewsPayForum Ad Revenue Sharing NARS to your loved ones. They also can inturn convert their NARS => ₦AIRA to their BANK Account.

How Is The NARS backed up Monthly?

The NARS is backed up Monthly by the amount of Google Ad Revenue paid every single month. The amount solely depends on the amount monthly which is then applied to the exchange of NARS => ₦AIRA Conversion for NewsPayForum Earning services. The NARS exchange rate changes every single month and the value increases depending on the strength of our Google Ad Revenue.

The NARS Currency Is not denoted as "N"

The NARS which is flouted on NewsPayForum is denoted as the 'N' symbol which would henceforth be the official currency sign for the NARS EARNINGS. This means, then the currency is converted based on the Google Ad Revenue for the Month, It changes to N

NARS (N) =====>> (₦) NAIRA

NARS - NewsPayForum Ad Revenue Sharing -  NARS => ₦AIRA Conversion Rate for this Month APRIL

This Month's exchange rate based on Google Ad Revenue for April is updated below. Rate Changes Monthly.

Today's NARS => ₦AIRA Conversion Rate

NARS (N) =====>> (₦) NAIRA

NARS = Cashout Conversion

NARS = Airtime Conversion

NARS = EPIN CODE Conversion

NewsPayForum makes money through Advertising which is shared amongst eligible Members Monthly using the following legitimate source

Google Ad Revenue - 50%


MGID Publisher Ad Revenue - 17%

ADFLY CLICK Revenue - 2%

Direct Advertising Brands - 1%

How The NARS => ₦AIRA Conversion works?

NARS (N) =====>> (₦) NAIRA

Your NARS which is backed up by the Google Revenue we generate for the Month is segregated into a very adjusted, calculated NAIRA EQUIVALENT for easy cashout.

NARS => ₦AIRA Conversion works for WALLET ACCOUNT FOR AIRTIME- This means, 20,000 NARS is converted to  ₦4,000 CASH FOR AIRTIME RECHARGE

NARS => ₦AIRA Conversion works for EPIN CODE - This means, 10000 NARS is converted to  ₦1,700 PREMIUM PACKAGE EPIN

NARS => ₦AIRA Conversion works for CASHOUT NAIRA - This means, 5000 NARS is converted to a ₦1,000 CASH PAYMENT

NewsPayForum Income is a long-term project. If you observed, we made the PREMIUM PACKAGE to be a lifetime project.

This means your NARS PAYMENT would continually yield you earnings for life on our system as you'll continually get paid. We are not a GET-RICH-QUICK SCHEME as we want to be here in the next 10, 20  years fulling your income needs through our legitimate Income processes. We advise, you stay on board, keep earning and you'd definitely get paid off your NARS every single month as you meet our threshold and you are eligible.

NARS => ₦AIRA Conversion works for CASHOUT to  NAIRA - This means, 10,000NARS  is converted to a ₦2,000 CASH PAYMENT (Rating Adjust and Changes Monthly) to your Bank Account and paid to you if you are eligible to be paid based on our review.

NARS (N) =====>> (₦) NAIRA CASH

N10,000 NARS = ₦2,000 CASH PAYMENT


Next NARS Exchange would be determined on the Google Ad Revenue Payout for the MONTH based on the VIRAL SHARE Posted a day to NARS EARNING Cashout (NARS EARNING CASHOUT MONTHLY).

The NARS PAYMENT threshold for the NEXT CYCLE of Payment of NARS is pegged to 10,999NARS and we going to using this threshold for the time being to filter out those we wish to pay or pay those who have garnered enough NARS Earning on the platform.

NARS CASHOUT is now divided into 2 batches - The First BATCH PAYOUT SHEET and the Second BATCH PAYOUT SHEET

BASED ON YOUR VOTE, WE HAVE NOW CHANGED OUR NARS WITHDRAWAL TO: NARS PAYMENT METHOD 2: NARS PAYMENT Withdrawals opens 10 AM Every 2 Weeks and Takes in a Particular Amount of Members Withdrawal Request and Payment is paid within 24hours.

The First BATCH PAYOUT Sheet are those who place WITHDRAWAL Requests at 3.00 AM during the WITHDRAWAL WINDOW. These sets of Members are paid their NARS EARNING to their BANK Account within a timeframe of 24hours with our Fast review process,

The Second BATCH PAYOUT are those who place WITHDRAWAL Requests at 10.00 AM during the WITHDRAWAL WINDOW. These sets of Members are paid their NARS EARNING to their BANK Account on or before the 15th day of their WITHDRAWAL REQUEST. This is to enable us to generate more Revenue to pay up these sets within these time frames as most of them would be paid in bits until we complete the last member on the 15th day.

After the 15th day of the last Member paid for the second batch, the next PAYOUT for WITHDRAWAL falls to 2 weeks and the date would be updated on the NOTICE BOARD on when another CASHOUT CYCLE starts again.

Revenue Generated for MAY/JUNE is over ₦1.1Million naira as the remaining funds would be used to cover up more PAYOUTS for the second BATCH Payouts while we earn more (All Earnings based on our Massive Advertising Revenue)

As a transparent platform that has been built on trust, integrity, and fast payments, we came up with a stand solution to this.

The NARS CONVERSION ==>> NAIRA CASH - This means we would convert your NARS EARNINGS to Cash based on the Ad Revenue rate.

Your NARS which is backed up by the Ad Revenue we generate for the Month is segregated into a very adjusted, calculated NAIRA EQUIVALENT for easy cashout - The amount we earn from REVENUE for ADs cannot go round to everyone, and not enough to pay everyone, thus the need for us to CONVERT your NARS to NAIRA based on an exchange rate that is fair.

The NARS PAYMENTS is a guaranteed source of payment to make sure. As you get paid of your NARS Earning, it is not a time to relax, it is a time to showcase your NARS Payment, spread the news to others of you being paid your NARS so you get REFERRAL EARNING easily and cashout weekly.

YES. It's certain. Provided you have your Facebook Profile Link attached to your account where we can verify you are VIRAL SHARING, you keep VIRAL SHARING and all your VIRAL SHARES are complete, up to date for the Month on your Facebook Timeline. We would pay you. 100% guaranteed. No stories.


1. Avoid making useless and unnecessary copy and paste comments such as "okay", "nice one", "ok", "hi" in our comment section. It would never generate enough revenue for us to pay you.

2. Stop using AD-BLOCKER to block our ads. The moment you do, you deprive us of getting enough revenue to pay you.

3. Avoid rushing to make comments on our VIRAL SHARE. Always make sure you read our VIRAL SHARE before making comments. When you rush to read and earn and quickly leave the site, you deprive us.
By so doing, our earnings isn't enough. When you engage the platform wholeheartedly daily, then we are able to generate enough revenue to pay for the NARS.

4. Always make sure you VIRAL SHARE DAILY and read our VIRAL POST before rushing to comment on them. When you rush it, it creates a high bounce rate on our Ad Revenues platform, thereby, not generating the required earnings for that TRAFFIC. All these and more should be noted.

 We now have More 5 INCOME STREAMS to pay for NARS, AND OUR BUDGET for JULY is over a Million NAIRA. These means, more members, more profits, more revenue would be shared with our Members of their NARS Earning.

What does this speak? GROWTH. Every platform would one at one time face this and start from somewhere. No successful platform just hit the jackpot and start from the top, they're bound to crumble and fail. But you see, NEWSPAYFORUM is solidly built and has stood with her heart of transparency and honesty.

The truth of the matter is that we are growing, and we need each and every member to engage the platform to earn. This would increase our earning when they earn properly NOT by spamming our posts with unnecessary comments.

The NARS ==>> NAIRA Exchange would not be permanent. It would play our fair as we continually grow, add more revenue sources and improve on our REVENUE SOURCES.

It's guaranteed you'll cashout. THIS IS AN EXCELLENT PROVEN STRATEGY that makes huge sense.

Advertise and REFER others to join and earn through you with your NARS PAYMENT ALERTS!!!

NewsPayForum Income is a long-term project. If you observed, we made the PREMIUM PACKAGE to be a lifetime project.