March 21, 2020 Payout Record of ₦650,050.00 processed to NewsPayForum Income Bundle Members

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March 21, 2020 Payout Record of ₦650,050.00 processed to NewsPayForum Income Bundle Members

Full Details of Payout Record of ₦650,050.00 processed to NewsPayForum Income Members can be found and downloaded here ===>> https://my.newspayforum.com/x8n

The very fastest PAYOUTS Done to our Members. Incredibly fast in less than 3 hours from placing a WITHDRAWAL REQUEST. This is the speed we were talking about and we anticipated due to our extreme robust fast processing BANK Payment platform.

Massive Payouts done to our most incredible NewsPayForum Members. Every Member was paid to their Respective BANK Accounts. Infact, Members testified of receiving their payments like never before for the very first time, faster. We made all payouts in less than 6hours on request. I repeat, less than 6hours on Request and paid successfully.

A total of ₦650,050.00 was paid to NewsPayForum Members. This is what we keep preaching. Infact we observe that 100% of Members paid were members who had decided to take the bull by the horn by getting paid with Referrals this time. It is not how hard you work. It is how SMART You work to earn with NewsPayForum and continually keep getting the bucks to your BANK Account.

A total of ₦650,050.00 was successfully processed to NewsPayForum Members Bank accounts and we cannot but say we appreciate every member.  - Please check the proofs here by downloading it.

121/03/2020laorexXXXXXX7881United Bank For Africa₦67,250.00PAID
221/03/2020drliaXXXXXX9629United Bank For Africa₦48,300.00PAID
321/03/2020fescoXXXXXX5120United Bank For Africa₦33,300.00PAID
421/03/2020pezonXXXXXX0655United Bank For Africa₦31,050.00PAID
521/03/2020sammyXXXXXX5824Zenith Bank₦28,400.00PAID
621/03/2020darlington_anyanwuXXXXXX2701Guaranty Trust Bank₦20,850.00PAID
721/03/2020resolvegiantXXXXXX0049First Bank of Nigeria₦14,100.00PAID
821/03/2020yayaharoonXXXXXX6576Guaranty Trust Bank₦13,800.00PAID
921/03/2020sirrajah20XXXXXX3636Sterling Bank₦12,750.00PAID
1021/03/2020emeraldXXXXXX2610United Bank For Africa₦12,650.00PAID
1121/03/2020succyloveXXXXXX3740Wema Bank₦11,600.00PAID
1221/03/2020nanmwabandaXXXXXX0990Access Bank₦10,550.00PAID
1321/03/2020kingjadonXXXXXX1191Fidelity Bank₦10,350.00PAID
1421/03/2020grace5955XXXXXX0885First Bank of Nigeria₦8,650.00PAID
1521/03/2020kadir234XXXXXX2280First Bank of Nigeria₦8,600.00PAID
1621/03/2020david202XXXXXX6012First City Monument Bank₦8,550.00PAID
1721/03/2020angeltsd99XXXXXX2116Guaranty Trust Bank₦7,350.00PAID
1821/03/2020younggenXXXXXX8439United Bank For Africa₦6,400.00PAID
1921/03/2020quadrealjumoXXXXXX3879Access Bank₦6,350.00PAID
2021/03/2020donvicXXXXXX2987First Bank of Nigeria₦6,300.00PAID
2121/03/2020bbgreaterXXXXXX0795Guaranty Trust Bank₦6,300.00PAID
2221/03/2020chidiebere70XXXXXX8367Fidelity Bank₦5,400.00PAID
2321/03/2020aloho9XXXXXX1065First Bank of Nigeria₦5,300.00PAID
2421/03/2020ranking443XXXXXX0922Union Bank of Nigeria₦5,250.00PAID
2521/03/2020olawale73XXXXXX4427First Bank of Nigeria₦5,250.00PAID
2621/03/2020eniolanimiXXXXXX0564Guaranty Trust Bank₦4,400.00PAID
2721/03/2020harunawaziXXXXXX6570Guaranty Trust Bank₦4,350.00PAID
2821/03/2020omowunmi43XXXXXX5600Guaranty Trust Bank₦5,000.00PAID
2921/03/2020kenenduranceXXXXXX7766Guaranty Trust Bank₦100,000.00PAID
3021/03/2020bosilybabeXXXXXX1159Access Bank₦4,350.00PAID
3121/03/2020classicXXXXXX9817United Bank For Africa₦4,300.00PAID
3221/03/2020jaysleekXXXXXX1871Access Bank₦4,300.00PAID
3321/03/2020olumidex9XXXXXX4894Union Bank of Nigeria₦4,300.00PAID
3421/03/2020ayodeji21XXXXXX0465Sterling Bank₦4,300.00PAID
3521/03/2020foreign133XXXXXX8011Guaranty Trust Bank₦4,250.00PAID
3621/03/2020forthboy1XXXXXX9182Ecobank Nigeria₦4,250.00PAID
3721/03/2020elyahsXXXXXX0255Zenith Bank₦4,250.00PAID
3821/03/2020victorayomiXXXXXX0992Access Bank₦4,250.00PAID
3921/03/2020simonkata5XXXXXX1421Keystone Bank₦4,250.00PAID
4021/03/2020angyochulorXXXXXX1640Access Bank₦4,200.00PAID
4121/03/2020faithbroXXXXXX1294Union Bank of Nigeria₦43,200.00PAID
4221/03/2020baronmatchXXXXXX4437Zenith Bank₦17,000.00PAID
4321/03/2020matosXXXXXX8237Guaranty Trust Bank₦21,950.00PAID
4421/03/2020beylironXXXXXX8654Guaranty Trust Bank₦4,100.00PAID
4521/03/2020adehedris244983172Wema Bank₦4,200.00PAID
4621/03/2020adimine154035632Guaranty Trust Bank₦4,200.00PAID
TOTAL AMOUNT₦650,050.00

Members with Referrals are Paid Consistently every 2 weeks. We are trying our best to make it WEEKLY so our MEMBERS can get paid on timely basis. Getting Referrals is much easy as we have made it easy for you.

If you as a Member have been paid without Referrals, don't relax with not getting Referrals to get payout, simply strive and tell your friends about NewsPayForum and use that your payment alert that you were paid without Referrals for promotion and also post your payouts everywhere on Social media, profile, Social Media Status, Whatsapp groups, Facebook Group.

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For doubters, we have included the BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER of Members that's been paid  for each and every Member that was paid, so its easier for you to go there, verify it and confirm with them about their payment online. NewsPayForum is here to stay and would continually pay our members.

This is remarkable. To get eligible for payout is substantially very easy as you don't have to stress yourself ever again. Simply make sure your Facebook Profile Link is correctly saved to your account and make sure you are participating in the VIRAL POST Shared daily. We pay Members without Referrals TURN BY TURN

The VIRAL SHARE POST is highly compulsory. Infact it is so compulsory that when you do not partake in it, it shows you do not have an active profile in the system. There is no point at all paying such member and its an act we cannot condone. The VIRAL POST for you to claim eligibility to earn is very simple to participate.

Simply login to your NewsPayForum account,

click on VIRAL SHARE.

Follow the instruction on the VIRAL SHARE Post

You would be automatically prompted to Share to Facebook. Now is the time to join NewsPayForum Income Bundle - its what works. If you are not here, you are no where. Our payment cycle is every 2 weeks. We just completed a cycle of payouts to our Members. All you need to do is to get started with only ₦1,700.

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