Military Urges Nasarawa, Kogi to Provide Access Roads to Terrorists’ Enclave

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The Nigerian Army yesterday called on the governments of Nasarawa and Kogi states to open up access roads around the enclave of the terrorist group, Darul Salam.

A statement issued by Nigerian Army Headquarters said troops have rescued 778 women and children of the group.

The Army, however commended the Nasarawa State government for heeding its advice conveyed through the Commander of 4 Special Forces Command Doma to construct access road through the Kenyehu Uttu Forest and contiguous hills in Toto Local Government Area of the state.

“In its resolve and unwavering commitment to mitigate all forms of security threats in any part of the country, the Nigerian Army has, through the Commander of 4 Special Forces Command, drawn the attention of Nasarawa and Kogi State governments on the need to open up Umashan – Adaosun/Sardauna – Uttu road and Uguma- Kpokpobili – Uttu – Igwapati – Uttu road in Nasarawa and Kogi states, respectively.

“This if done will ease and enhance the operation of security agencies in the area, which will bring succor to the law – abiding citizens in the areas,” it said.

The statement said opening up access roads into such remote and isolated areas with attendant infrastructural development, will bring governance and prosperity to such hitherto ungoverned spaces

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