Money, influence, not a determinant for eviction- Neo

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Neo has disclosed how eviction changed his mindset about money and influence.

He said he never expected Kiddwaya to leave on Sunday considering his background.

Neo, during his diary session on Monday, told Biggie after seeing the lineup for possible eviction, he was convinced that Kiddwaya will surely remain in the house but unfortunately, money failed him.

“Yesterday eviction changed my mindset about this game.

“Kiddwaya and Prince were one of those housemates playing the game in the house so it was really surprising to see them evicted.

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“When I saw the line- up, I thought it was Ozo, not Kiddwaya. Waya was confident of his background and never really cared about eviction.

“The eviction showed me that it’s only who you are in the house that can save you not your money outside of background. It also proved that overtaken is allowed and anything can happen.

“I envied Kiddwaya’s confidence and it was unexpected how Sunday night’s eviction went,” he said.

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