NewsPayForum March 31st UPDATE

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NewsPayForum March 31st UPDATE


Since December 2019, NewsPayForum have had tremendous success and as such, we've experienced new things and beautiful growth. In our consistent way of been transparent for more than 1 Year.

Since JANUARY, NewsPayForum have been on idle mode to ensure the smooth transition payment process to pay Members their NARS EARNINGS and also their REFERRAL EARNINGS. Even though we are still unable to pay all members their NARS EARNINGS but as best our REVENUE can accommodate, we have been converted and paid them.

Right now, we have exhausted all funds to pay up REFERRAL EARNINGS and the remaining Funds remaining with us to clear as at today, 31/03/2021 is ₦206,500

NewsPayForum have used external funds greatly from our other platform to ensure REFERRALS EARNINGS are cleared and paid from over ₦1Million naira.

Screenshot - 31_03_2021 , 11_13_15 am.png

Right now, Over 10 EPIN DISTRIBUTORS are currently with these funds. Owing the platforms and have vehemently refused, shunning us in total and denying us these funds.

Our candid advice is that we ask these EPIN DISTRIBUTORS to ensure these funds are paid as soon as possible. It would be GREATLY wrong to hoard these funds for a platform that have trusted them with these funds. Which they have legitimately earned from so much.

NewsPayFORUM has and was a blessing to these EPIN DISTRIBUTORS and up to this day, it would forever be in their lips for what we did. Such advantage cannot be compared to elsewhere.

By GODS GRACE, the amount of ₦206,500 is what the platform (NEWSPAYFORUM)  is currently owing to some 36 members in the platform. We want to pay up these funds as soon as possible to these members otherwise, we would not be posting up these messages here but these delays by these EPIN DISTRIBUTORS  is causing and creating room for these delays.


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