Operation Create A NewsPayForum WhatsApp Group to Earn up to ₦50,000 this weekend

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Operation Create A NewsPayForum WhatsApp Group to Earn up to ₦50,000 this weekend

Today, we are taking NewsPayForum to every street in Nigeria. We are telling our friends.

Its tagged Operation Create/ Show Me Your NewsPayForum WhatsApp Group.

NewsPayForum wants every member on the platform to create their own NewsPayForum WhatsApp Personalized Group. Members who would be creating their NewsPayForum WhatsApp group would not experience delay payouts even if they do not have Referrals.

Members with their Correct and Active WhatsApp Group, Shared our VIRAL POSTS and made sure their Facebook Profile link is also correctly saved to their account would have their payouts processed faster than never before and no delay payments.

Operation Create/ Show Me Your NewsPayForum WhatsApp Group

  1. Every Member is expected to create a NewsPayForum WhatsApp Group, if possible more than 1. Use NewsPayForum images as the Group Picture and name is NewsPayForum.

  2. Add as many Freinds and Family Members to your NewsPayForum WhatsApp Group.

  3. Post as many NewsPayForum Past Payouts Proofs. Go here to get them - Download the proofs from the past payouts proofs and always use it to update your NewsPayForum WhatsApp Groups..

  4. Update your friends about NewsPayForum and encourage them to join NewsPayForum.

  5. Talk about NewsPayForum in your group very well and share your Referrals links for them to join through you.

  6. Up to ₦50,000 easy earning through your NewsPayForum WhatsApp Group is achievable.

  7. Click Here to Use Past NewsPayForum members Payments proofs to advertise in your NewsPayForum WhatsApp Group

  8. Save your WhatsApp Group Link to your NewsPayForum Account > Dashboard > SETTINGS > WhatsApp Group Link > UPDATE

  9. Create a NewsPayForum WhatsApp Group as its compulsory for fast payout. If you have already created a NewsPayForum WhatsApp Group, you can use the the group and save the WhatsApp Group Link in SETTINGS in your account.

Operation Create A NewsPayForum WhatsApp Group to Earn up to ₦50,000 this weekend

The BENEFITS of Creating your own NewsPayForum WhatsApp Groups

  1. You re-post and send timely updates from NewsPayForum Official Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups to your NewsPayForum WhatsApp Groups which you have created for your Referrals and prospects.

  2. Its easier for you to get your Referrals payment proofs when they are paid by NEWSPAYFORUM so as all of them can post their Payout proofs to your NewsPayForum WhatsApp Group at once.

  3. Team work is done and Communication amongst your Referrals/ Prospects is easily achieved.

  4. You update your WhatsApp Group link in your NewsPayForum Account in SETTINGS of your NewsPayForum WhatsApp Group. > Dashboard > SETTINGS > WhatsApp Group Link > UPDATE

  5. You get paid faster during payouts to your Bank account. This shows you are following instructions.

  6. You can have multiple NewsPayForum WhatsApp Groups and update all of them always and at the same time.

  7. Don't get tired, Don't give up, Don't relent in updating your WhatsApp Groups

  8. Remove members in your groups that are abusing your groups by posting unnecessary spam ads.

  9. Always make sure yous set your NewsPayForum WhatsApp Group TO ALLOW ONLY ADMINS Post. You can make others post in your groups when they need to post their PAYOUT ALERTS. This is to control the influx of spamming.

  10. If you are a SMART E-PIN Distributor and you get paid by any of your prospects in your WhatsApp Group. Post the screenshot of the payment in your group to encourage other Participants purchase E-PINS from you.

See. It is only laziness that'll make someone not be able to manage at least 3 to 5 NewsPayForum WhatsApp Groups. If you have a hot-smoking-fire-proof-burning-passion, creating 3 to 5 NewsPayForum WhatsApp Groups would just be a tip of the ice berg for you.

 It's very simple as all you have to do is to manage the 3 to 5 NewsPayForum WhatsApp Groups by updating it regularly. Posting each of them on different Facebook Groups online to get newbies that wants to optin to NewsPayForum.

Having done this, you are fire-branded-finger-licking sure of nothing less than ₦50,000 Referral Earning alone every 2 weeks.

Thinking it's not possible? Now think again.

Did you also know that this ₦50K earning also qualifys you for the Monthly version of the NewsPayForum RaffleDraw? See, let this thought of this passion with NewsPayForum be in your heart and you'll surely see your self earning steadily every 2 weeks without stress.

Operation Create A NewsPayForum WhatsApp Group to Earn up to ₦50,000 this weekend

Join NewsPayForum Account and Upgrade your Account with ₦1,700 to Start Cashing Out.

Operation Create A NewsPayForum WhatsApp Group to Earn up to ₦50,000 this weekend

Click Here to Join NewsPayForum Now and Start Cashing Out!

Here is what you get when you join NewsPayForum.

You earn 70%  Affiliate Earning when you refer your friend and family to NewsPayForum.

To join NewsPayForum, all you have to do is a Membership to our Premium Plan which is Lifetime for a fee of ₦1,700. In addition to your joining, we would share revenue with you monthly and also add more incentives on weekly basis as you come onboard with us.

You earn 15% Commission as a NewsPayForum Smart Distributor.

This is a mind blowing opportunity that you'd forever be grateful of.

To join NewsPayForum or join NewsPayForum Smart Earners, simply Chat with us  on WhatsApp  to show your interest to. You would be instantly attended to swiftly.

You'd definitely be proud to be among the NewsPayForum Project - NewsPayForum Income Bundle.

Stop thinking otherwise. If you are already a Member of NewsPayForum, kindly share this and tag at least 3 of your friends or prospect to see this.

If you are not yet a Member of NewsPayForum, kindly contact the person who shared this post to you and get a his or her NewsPayForum Referral Link to register as soon as possible.

Wise up o. Make you join watin dey work. Na #NewsPayForum. #MyAlertIsSureWithNewsPayForum

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