OPERATION Say No To 'Empty Pockets and Broke Bank Account' - Get The Full Armour Of NewsPayForum Income Now

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OPERATION Say No To 'Empty Pockets and Broke Bank Account' - Get The Full Armour Of NewsPayForum Income Now

My Brother, my sister, my friend, my neighbour - Its called the OPERATION  Say No To 'Empty Pockets and Broke Bank Account for a reason. Its a whole brand-new armour.

How WOULD you like to get a sustainable Income flow of earning between ₦10,0000, ₦20,000 to up to, even over ₦200k weekly, every 2 weeks and monthly?

Its time to shield your BANK Account from dryness with NewsPayForum Income.

NewsPayForum is poised to be the very best Project v2 Forum from NewsPay you would ever sit down and imagine yourself, counting the alerts you have accrued with our amazing system. The earlier you join, the better.

We are coming up with daily amazing stuffs to make sure every member benefits in the whole in the system. Yes, this is absolute true.

One thing is sure. Earning even without Referral. THIS IS WHY WE HAVE TAKEN IT UPON OURSELVES TO PAY PART OF YOUR Activity Earnings EVERY MONTH TO OUR MEMBERS BANK ACCOUNT and Pay you your Referral Earning Every 2 weeks (We are changing it to weekly very soon).

Yes you heard us right. There is nothing like spam earnings on NewsPayForum. There is absolutely nothing like earning subtractions or any form invalid earnings.

Infact in NewsPayForum, all your earnings are substantially 'genuine' as even the kind of posts you earn from to the end-referred Referral you get and earn, they are all quality enough to make sure you keep getting the bucks - fat one o!

See listen, there is nothing like getting reward for the things you love doing. No stress at all.

This is why we are inviting you, to come join us with your Laptop/PC/ Smartphone/ Internet connection/ Facebook and Whatsapp Account/ and just ₦1,500 for your registration to NewsPayForum Income.

Our core mission is eradicating poverty out and making sure every Nigerian gets to earn with our amazing platform.

OPERATION Say No To 'Empty Pockets and Broke Bank Account' - Get The Full Armour Of NewsPayForum Income Now.

Join NewsPayForum Account and Upgrade your Account to Start Cashing Out.


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Here is what you get when you join NewsPayForum.

You earn 70%  Affiliate Earning when you refer your friend and family to NewsPayForum.

To join NewsPayForum, all you have to do is a Membership to our Premium Plan which is Lifetime for a fee of ₦1,700. In addition to your joining, we would share revenue with you monthly and also add more incentives on weekly basis as you come onboard with us.

You earn 15% Commission as a NewsPayForum Smart Distributor.

This is a mind blowing opportunity that you'd forever be grateful of.

To join NewsPayForum or join NewsPayForum Smart Earners, simply Chat with us  on WhatsApp  to show your interest to. You would be instantly attended to swiftly.

You'd definitely be proud to be among the NewsPayForum Project - NewsPayForum Income Bundle.

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Wise up o. Make you join watin dey work. Na #NewsPayForum. #MyAlertIsSureWithNewsPayForum


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