Power outage, shortage of clinical staff cripples UUTH

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Power outage, shortage of clinical staff cripples UUTH

Bassey Anthony Anthony, Uyo

Power outage and lack of clinical staff have crippled activities at the University of Uyo Teaching Hospital (UUTH) in Akwa Ibom State.

Chief Medical Officer of the UUTH, Dr. EmemAbasi Bassey, said in an interaction with reporters on Monday .

He stated that the situation has hindered the expected output from the hospital.

He added that shortage of clinical staff have taken a toll on few available ones noting that its high time the concerned authorities employed doctors and nurses to the hospital.

He regretted that the hospital has been subjected to run diesel 24 hours since there are patients on Intensive Care Unit, who need uninterrupted power supply saying that, for the past two months they have not had power up to 20 hours cumulatively.

According to him: “The greatest challenge we have in this hospital is power. We run 24 hours on diesel, over two years we were not connected with PHEDC, even when we eventually did last two months, we’ve never had up to 20hours of power cumulatively.

“Due to constant running of our generators, wear and tear had set in as our 1000KVA generator that powered the entire hospital has broken down, and we need about N10-12million to fix the crankshaft, which is the engine of the generating set.

“What we actually need now is dedicated power line, the PHEDC had asked us to pay about N85 million to have it, because it will require a substation, we don’t have such money. We have written to the state government, NDDC and others for assistance. If we have power, there will be 50% improvement on the service we offer. We have people on life support, and anytime power goes off, the person is gone and that is why in that unit we cannot allow light to go off, even for a second.

“We are seriously short staffed especially the clinical staff , a lot of nurses in this hospital have retired, some gone abroad, some doctors are resigning to go to UK, many of the resident doctors are actually doing programmes and after sometime they leave.

“We don’t have staff quarters because in a classic teaching hospital, medic staff should live within the hospital premises as seen in other places such as in Lagos University Teaching Hospital, LUTH and the teaching hospital in Ife. We neither have hostels for our students nor quarters for our interns.”

Dr. Bassey who also commended Akwa Ibom State government for the support so far given urged it not to relent in rendering support since over 95% of Akwa Ibom indigenes receive treatment in the hospital.

.”This is actually a Federal government owned hospital and the federal government is doing well in terms of payment of salary to staff. The state government is also trying in its capacity. The support from the state government is actually expected because we are serving Akwa Ibom people.

“The number of out patients we had in our clinics in 2019 was 149,886 we had over 13,800 admissions in our wards and over 95% of those patients are Akwa Ibom indigenes. That means we should be recognized and the state government should put us in their priority list because if this hospital closes downs, the state government may find it difficult to carter for the health needs of the people,” Dr. Bassey said.

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