Premier League: How much English clubs lost due to coronavirus lockdown

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Premier League: How much English clubs lost due to coronavirus lockdown

Premier League season has been concluded with Liverpool winning the title

- The topflight however suffered heavy financial deficit due to the outbreak of coronavirus

Manchester City suffered the most while Bournemouth sit at the bottom of the chart

Manchester City did not just relinquish the Premier League title to Liverpool this season, they also lost the most revenue since the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic in March.

The deadly virus has killed over 600,000 people since it broke out last year, and the effect saw fans being denied access to match venues for the rest of the season since football returned in June.

Pep Guardiola lost about £24 million after they were unable to allow their fans to watch live from the stands in a bid to reduce the spread of the infection.

Manchester United also lost a huge amount of revenue since their fans were not allowed at Old Trafford due to the same reason.

The Red Devils lost almost £18 million while the eventual champions Liverpool missed out on making £13 million as reported by Sport Bible quoting Business Rescue Expert.

Tottenham Hotspur and Newcastle United wrapped up the top five teams with the most losses as they both lost £12.6 and £12.1 million respective.

Below is the list of teams and how much they lost.

1. Man City (£23.9 million)

2. Man United (£17.7 million)

3. Liverpool (£12.8 million)

4. Tottenham (£12.6 million)

5. Newcastle (£12.1 million)

6. Arsenal (£12 million)

7. West Ham (£11.2 million)

8. Everton (£9 million)

9. Chelsea (£8.6 million)

10. Aston Villa (£7 million)

11. Sheff United (£6.2 million)

12. Leicester (£6.2 million)

13. Southampton (£6.1 million)

14. Wolves (£5.7 million)

15. Brighton (£5.6 million)

.16. Norwich (£5.5 million)

17. Crystal Palace (£5 million)

18. Watford (£4.4 million)

19. Burnley (£4 million)

20. Bournemouth (£2.2 million)

Legit.ng earlier reported that Liverpool have recorded another success after winning the 2019/20 Premier League title as the Reds are now occupying fourth on the table of the world's most valuable rankings.

The Reds waited for 30 years before Jürgen Klopp gave the Anfield fans the Premier League title dethroning Manchester City.

According to the latest edition of the brand finance football annual, Liverpool's value has risen by six percent to £1.143 billion thanks to their Premier League title win.

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