Samsung Galaxy A10 Phone To Be Given Out! It'll Happen In 15 Days on October 31st, 2020 - It's the NewsPayForum Income RaffleDraw. Don't miss it!

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Samsung Galaxy A10 Phone To Be Given Out! It'll Happen In 15 Days on October 31st, 2020 - It's the NewsPayForum Income RaffleDraw. Don't miss it!

Sometimes, when you inform Members of your intending action to reward them on how they've exceedingly done well in the last 30 days of their recent earnings, it looks like a joke until it begins and happens and it'll continue to happen.

The AUGUST EDITION Happened which came and has gone, The SEPTEMBER EDITION Happened which came and has gone as well.

We're now looking forward to this Month's Edition of OCTOBER. Go here to read the details of PAST ELIGIBLE WINNERS.

My candid advice for YOU is that, get as many REFERRALS as you can. Its 15days to go. Get at least 500 REFERRALS before the next 15days and qualify to get yourself our brand new finger-licking Samsung Galaxy A10 Phone To Be Given Out This Month of October To Our Highest Referrals - Get Over 500 Referrals In October To Qualify.

Despite the #ENDSARS Protest in Nigeria - Even if the items cannot be shipped to the destinations of our Eligible Winners. We would proceed to send the equivalent in cash payments to your Bank.

We ain't joking and we mean this. We have done this in time past and you can inquire from past winners.


NewsPayForum would be rewarding the most outstanding Member for the most with cash gifts and prizes for their job well done.

In this month of OCTOBER. We're doubling that effect - WHICH MEANS Getting as many Referrals for you would be sustainable easy.

When we say we are the most innovative platform, we definitely are. This is another REASON to get as much REFERRALS as you can on NewsPayForum. This is the time to get even much more creative to get REFERRALS - Get as much of them. REFER Everyone you know to NewsPayForum. Refer online and invite them to join our unique project. They'll definitely cash out on NewsPayForum Income.

Your REFERRALS would ultimately yield growths and seeds for you. No matter the very vast number of Referrals you may get.

You Earn on NewsPayForum, You WIN Gifts, You WIN Cash Gifts - You keep enjoying every proceeds of your time on NEWSPAYFORUM.

No time is wasted. ALL YOUR HARDWORK on NewsPayForum would surely yield fruits.

In this Month of OCTOBER, we want to give out a SAMSUNG GALAXY A10 - Make sure you get a minimum of 500 REFERRALS to qualify.

This is the ultimate REFERRALS Tagged for this month of OCTOBER to get qualified for a Samsung Galaxy A10 rewarded to you. NewsPayForum RaffleDRAW: Samsung Galaxy A10 Phone Would Be Given Out This Month To Our Highest Referrals - Get Over 500 Referrals In OCTOBER To Qualify.

Get The Samsung Galaxy A10s 6.2-Inch (2GB RAM, 32GB ROM) Android 9.0 Pie,(13MP+2MP)+8MP,4G LTE, Fingerprint Dual Sim Smartphone - Blue or RED

For those that are just joining reading this post for the very first time, Click Here to See the PAST Winners for Last Month.

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  1. You must be a GOLD Member with NewsPayForum.

  2. You must participate in NewsPayForum VIRAL SHARE daily.

  3. The first top 3 Winners will be selected at the end of every month. Winners are selected based on the Number of Referrals they achieve starting from ₦100,000 and above. So, we'll select only the first 3 Winners who garnered enough Referrals for the month and worth ₦100,000. You'd be contacted about your winnings. Your cash gift or item you won will be sent to you.

  4. NewsPayForum will decide on sending you items you won or cash gifts based every Monthly draw.

  5. Winners would create a Video with their Winnings for NewsPayForum Promotional purpose.

  6. To apply in the Raffle draw, you'd need to send your application to [email protected] to get enlisted. Application is free as all that's required from you is.

    1. Your NewsPayForum Account username (GOLD PLAN)

    2. Full names

    3. Phone Number

    4. NewsPayForum Facebook Profile Link

    5. NewsPayForum WhatsApp Group


    7. Delivery/ Shipping Address  -

      1. Street Address:

      2. Directions/ Nearest Bus-stop:

      3. City:

      4. State:

      5. L.G.A:

        If we need to ship your items to your Address, we'll use this Address.

More details about NewsPayForum RAFFLE DRAW can be seen here

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Samsung Galaxy A10 Phone To Be Given Out! It'll Happen In 15 Days on October 31st, 2020 - It's the NewsPayForum Income RaffleDraw. Don't miss it!

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