Security Outfit Threatens To Sue Pretty Mike For Using Its Officer (Video)

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Security outfit threatens to sue socialite Pretty Mike for using one of its officers to carry out a 'staged' Valentine's gift presentation

A Security outfit has threatened to sue Pretty Mike for using one of its staff to carry out a staged Valentine's gift presentation.

On February 12, Pretty Mike shared a video online claiming an anonymous ladybird sent him a Valentine's gift. In the video, a security guard can be seen recounting how he received the gift from the said lady who didn't give her name. Pretty Mike rebuked the guard for collecting such an item.

He wrote on his IG,
''Honestly this is getting ridiculous, it might sound or look cute to some of u, but this is definitely not my style, I guess the person is feeling like, let me start two days be4 Val, just incase Mike gets bombarded with gifts, dear secret admirer, I’m not that important and I’m not a big deal, don’t allow my instagram page fool u,.... and I don’t know who is giving out my address out there, only a few of my friends knows my place, Yomi, Toye, Dapo, Oloto, Juwon, Uche, Hagar, Tosin, and Lala.
pls if u guys are the ones coordinating this prank, pls let’s put a stop to it, better still let’s dem come over to the office at Cubana, or if Dey are truly serious, give dem my acct details.....thanks, be4 person go send Pre-package Kaynmate  #SeeMeSeeWahala #Hustle&BustleAbuja''

Well, it appears it was staged as the lawyer to the security company where the security guard works, has written to Pretty Mike demanding an apology for using their staff for a staged presentation which according to them has brought disrepute to their organization as people now see their officers as poorly trained.

The security outfit is demanding the socialite apologizes or they will be forced to file a N200m defamatory case against him.
The security guard who Pretty Mike used to allegedly stage the Valentine gift presentation was filmed recounting how it all happened.

Watch the video below and also see copies of the letter sent to Pretty Mike below.

Here is the video he uploaded on this IG claiming an anonymous lady dropped a gift for him.


Watch the video of the security officer confessing that is was a prank.



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