WhatsApp looking forward to getting one account used in two phones

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It seems that WhatsApp might be getting a much sought after upgrade in the near future that'll offer support for more than one phone. 

According to a report by WABetaInfo, the latest version of the WhatsApp beta for Android version, shows hints at a useful future update.

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That update appears to include a feature that'll allow users to not only use the app on more than one phone, but on four devices at the same time. 

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Traditionally WhatsApp has always required a phone number in order to be linked to your device. If you move to a new phone you'd be fine if you kept the same number, but otherwise, you'd have to start from scratch. 

Then you have the hassle of letting all of your contacts know what's happened. Similarly, if you're juggling two phones already - a work and personal phone for example - then you also can't run WhatsApp comfortably and easily. 

With any luck, that's not only set to change but you'll also have the power to manage and control the extra devices too. 

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The linked device functionality will seemingly allow users to control all the connected devices in much the same way you can at the moment when using WhatsApp on web and desktop. 

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The beta changes also seem to suggest there may be support for macOS machines as well. These updates are clearly a work in progress and there's no guarantee they'll become a reality or when it would happen, but it's still interesting to see WhatsApp trying to roll out such user-friendly changes. 

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