Why I Glued My Wife's Private Part After Inserting Pepper, Man Confesses After Arrest

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Why I Glued My Wife's Private Part After Inserting Pepper, Man Confesses After Arrest

Why I glue my wife private part after inserting Pepper , Man confess after arrest (video)

The act of jealously and wicked ness must not a part of human being , because wickedness and jealousy can leads to alot of destruction , When a good relationship talks about their love affair and how they play the role of raising a good home , it aint easy , a lot of men are always jealous of their beautiful wife and a lot of woman always nag about their husband , thinking they are not save in their homes or relationship, report get to focus tv international that the Nairobi police have arrested a man after allegedly super gluing his wife private part , after inserting a lot of pepper in her private part ..

The Director of Criminal investigation has arrest the man that glued his wife's genital with glue after inserting pepper, the man was arrested after in hideout in Kutui.

According to DCI the jealous man was said to have requested his wife to narrate to him the number of men the wife has chested in him with after the man travelled to Nairobi.

On being hesitant, the wife was beaten by the husband who also sprayed pepper, salt and super glue on her genitalia and later used a knife to push the content inside her private part.

The man was further said to have sealed her mouth and ears and left her for dead. This inhuman act was performed in front of his 3 years old child who alerted the neighbors by his screams.

The DCI has stated that the man will be charged according to the law for his inhuman act on his wife

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