Why Igbos Outside The Southeast Deny Their Igboness

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This is a very sensitive topic which tends to breed so much argument,I will try to make things very simple here for the average man their understand I will not be biased.

The major factors used to define an ethnic group is language ,names And geographical location, although some people borrow foreign languages but not to the extent that they throwing away their mother tongue.take Nigeria and Ghana for example the British ruled us for almost 400years we learned their language but yet we still retained our mother tongue.

The main reason why Igbos speaking people are confused about their identity is mainly because our forefathers could not read and write as a result they didn't keep any historical records for us to know our origin unlike the europeans and asians we cannot totally rely on stories and myths because stories can be fake. So as a sophisticated generation we will use common sense and geography to determine our origin.

Geograhipcally all Igbo speaking lands around the Niger share boundaries, the aniomas and ikas shared boundaries with imo and anambra people, the ikwerre downsouth share boundary with imo:What does that tell you? It simply means there's is a wave of migration either from the West of the Niger to the East or from the East of the Niger to the West to the West Ikwerres maybe imo people who migrated downsouth or imo maybe Ikwere who migrated Northwards language changes maybe as a result of marrying from tribes tribe with a different language .

Now I strongly believe the reason why Igboid groups claim bini origin is as a result of the Benin empire, we tend to forget that the Benin influence reached Igbo speaking lands too.maybe you should search for the map of the Benin empire it was so large it reached the present day Benin republic.whenever a group of people are subdued by a more power people they more powerful ones imposes their culture, religion on the subdued people I believe this is the reason why Igboid groups have bini like culture.
Once again I will blame our forefathers for not writing any historical records for us to know our origin.

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